100 Years of the Coca-Cola bottle gold Limited Edition 1 of 2500

The Coca-Cola Company celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Contour Bottle in 2015.  Three different colored glass bottles were made for collectors: Red, Gold and Silver.

Each bottle is hand numbered at the bottom with a limited edition of 2500.  The bottle is empty but capped and comes with a bottle-shaped hang tag tied to the neck.

This gold bottle features the stylized 100 logo with the contour shaped bottles in each of the digits and the text 100 Years of the Coca-Cola bottle beneath it in red.

There were multiple editions released for this bottle.

Another design has the 00 stylized with 12 contour bottles in a circular pattern around one bottle in the center.

It is numbered LIMITED EDITION 1 of 2500 on the base plate of the bottle.

No UPC and no GAN.

Jackie Robinson 50th Anniversary 1947-1997 Coca-Cola bottle

Jackie Robinson (1919-1972) was the first African-American to play in Major League Baseball as the first baseman for the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947.

In 1997, Major League Baseball honored this special milestone by retiring Robinson's uniform number 42 across all teams.

Read more about Robinson's historic achievement by breaking the color barrier in Major League Baseball on History.com

Jackie Robinson's 50th Anniversary with the Dodgers was celebrated with a commemorative Coca-Cola bottle.  

The commemorative bottle features the official 50th Anniversary logo 1947-1997 Dodgers and Jackie Robinson's signature.

UPC: 04918202.  GAN: 1996-4211.  8oz glass bottle.

26th Annual Coca-Cola Collectors Club Convention bottle

The Coca-Cola Collectors Club held its 26th annual convention at the Four Seasons Holiday Inn in Greensboro, North Carolina from July 4 - July 8, 2000.

The convention bottle is a four-color 8oz glass bottle featuring a graphic design of a stylized 2000 with golf ball and basketball against a green oval background.  Above the 2000 is Coca-Cola Collectors Club and underneath it is Greensboro, NC. The Coca-Cola Collectors Club 26th Annual Convention appears on the neck. No UPC. GAN 2000-812.

Herrin Illinois Centennial 1900-2000 bottle

Located in Williamson County, Illinois, Herrin incorporated as a city on April 17, 1900.  For its centennial celebration, a Coca-Cola bottle was produced to mark the occasion.

The circular graphic shows the location of Herrin on a state map of Illinois with the text HERRIN 1990-2000 CENTENNIAL. April 17, 1900 appears on the neck.

This 8oz single applied-color bottle has no UPC code or GAN.

Hotel del Coronado 1888-2000 bottle

Hotel del Coronado Hotel 1888-2000 8oz glass bottle.  The single-color graphic shows the iconic rotunda that is the trademark of the beachfront hotel in San Diego, California.  When it opened in 1888, it was the world's largest resort hotel.  UPC 04918202. GAN 1999-2723.

Hotel del Coronado has also appeared on an US postage stamp in 2012 featuring director Bill Wilder and his 1959 comedy Some Like It Hot starring Marilyn Monroe.

Hilton Conference '91 bottle

Hilton Hotels held a 3-day conference at the Chicago Hilton & Towers from July 10-12, 1991.  Theme of the Hilton Conference '91 was "Meeting The Challenge Today and Tomorrow."

A Coca-Cola bottle commemorating the event was given at the conference.

This 6.5oz ACL glass bottle had no UPC or GAN.  The neck of the bottle has NO REFILL bold lettering against a white background.

McDonalds 50th Anniversary bottle

Coca-Cola celebrated McDonald's 50th Anniversary with a limited edition wrapped glass bottle in 2005.  No UPC.  GAN 2005-0027.  Graphics featuring the Golden Arches, BIG MAC, Happy Meal, Ronald McDonalds House Charities, Breakfast sausage, egg and cheese biscuit, First McDonald's restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois opened in April 1955, the original Speedy Coast to Coast logo, Ray Kroc.  Slogans include: "I'm lovin' it" and "You deserve a break today."
Underneath the ingredients table and copyrights are the text:
50th Anniversary
Limited Edition