About Me

I began collecting Coca-Cola bottles in 1994 and have been a member of The Coca-Cola Collectors Club for 25 years.  My first bottle is a 0.33-liter glass bottle with paper label from Germany that I brought home from the Hilton Berlin Hotel.

I began sharing my collection of Coca-Cola on the Web in early 1995 before The Coca-Cola Company launched its official Website.  As my collection of Coca-Cola memorabilia flourished, so did its digital counter part.  Just as the Internet technology evolved over the past 20 years, my digital collection has also gone through several iterations to this latest mobile-friendly Coca-Cola Bottle World blog.

After 25 years, I continue to enjoy collecting Coke bottles and meeting other collectors.  I have duplicates for trade and plenty of stories to share.

Have a Coke and a Smile!