Coca-Cola California Raspberry bottle

In March 2018, Coca-Cola released two new flavors in the US.  One of them was California Raspberry and it was sold in 12oz glass bottles and available in a 4-pack cardboard carrier.  UPC 0-49000-074212-3. GAN 2017-01168.

In June 2006, New Zealand had test marketed a raspberry flavor Coca-Cola for a limited time.  No other markets had released a raspberry flavor Coca-Cola product in glass bottles until 2018.

One year after the debut, California Raspberry Coca-Cola is still available on store shelves including The Coca-Cola Store in Las Vegas, Atlanta and Orlando.

Coca-Cola US Website also still has it listed under local flavors:

In the UK, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar also has a raspberry flavor in addition to cherry, vanilla, peach and cinnamon, however, none of these flavors appear to be available in glass bottles.

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